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Nearly thirty years ago a computer was considered as a box used by the rich and privileged to decrease their paperwork. But now the computer has been evolved so much that it’s nothing but a device which has become a member of every family and household in many different forms. So where did it all start?

Throughout millennium’s humans have always been making calculations on the different aspects around their life and to make their calculations easier they tried to make calculating devices, a computer is nothing but a calculating device. 

One of the first devices invented to ease calculations was the Abacus invented around 3000 BC and later on, many more such devices were made like the Napier Bones, Pascaline, Census Machine, etc. But then during the 1830s an English Mathematician/Mechanical Engineer named Charles Babbage Invented the first Digital Computer, He is known as the Father of Computers.

From Charles Babbage to IBM:

Even though he was successful in making the designs he failed to build them. Later in the year 1939 during World War-II when the Allies were losing to the nazis, another English mathematician named Alan Turing invented The first working computer called the Turing Machine which helped the British crack the Nazis communication systems and intercept their strategies and plans.

In the year 1946, The Eniac was the first general-purpose computer that consisted of vacuum tubes and took the space of nearly a huge room. It was the updated version of the Turing machine. This huge computer was mainly used by the Americans and the British to calculate the artillery firing tables.

 More research was done into the computer industry and many companies such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM have come into existence and worked extensively in making computers more compatible and usable to the general public. In the year 1954 FORTRAN a computer programming language was developed that helped in making different applications and softwares among various other industries.

 Again within a short span two physicists Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce developed the first Integrated Circuit(IC) which helped in decreasing the space occupied by the older computer circuits. In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computers and released their first computer called the Apple-1, it was the first single circuit board computer that was small in size and easy to use and its release has revolutionized the whole world.

Within months IBM has released their first personal computer named the “Acron” using the Microsoft operating system and later to compete with is Apple released “LISA: the first personal computer with a built-in GUI that was referred to as the first Laptop. There was a huge competition between these two and within months either of them uses to come up with a new design or software and upgrade their older devices and within this competition, many more companies such as Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, and other companies had also risen.

The conclusion: 

The advancement of these companies made computers a member of our families and households but the funny thing is the developments haven’t stopped we are still yet to see.

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