Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

All the holiday plans did fail, and along with them so did the plans of many students to get into top universities. Many universities had to halt their university admissions for a very long time, and at many places the final year examinations weren’t conducted, hence making it even harder for students to shortlist their universities.

There were doubts among students if they would be able to sit for the exams or tests that are needed for the approval of the application to get admission into the desired university, also if the universities were still accepting admissions for international students.

Even though some universities started off with their admission processes, the Admission process was slow and very much confusing. I know we all belong to a tech-savvy generation or era, but even for us, even for the tech-savvy generation of students, it’s been pretty hard.

What really changed the admission during the covid times?

The aftermath also remained a confusion, if the student is admitted into their desired university will they be able to study the degree in-person, enjoying the vast area their university is located in, along with all the other students including of different ethnicity and background, or would their university switch to online learning. 

The online admission exams conducted by many of the universities had their own fault comings. Some weren’t monitored properly and some were monitored too strictly. Most of the favorite universities on the lists of students also canceled their informative sessions and campus tours for students. 

And we are yet to ponder if there would be campus admissions ever again, online admissions pretty much seem the same deal, so why keep campus admissions anymore? On-campus activities in those beautiful universities are going to just remain a dream for many of the students who could not get admitted due to the sole reason of covid-19. 

Not being able to visit the university into which a student has wished their entire lives to get admitted into is really a heartache. For one second let’s forget all of this, let’s forget student’s future at stake and them not being able to join their preferred universities. For now, let’s think about the actual threat, the threat at hand now, covid -19. Eating up millions of people, and millions of families.

The Conclusion:

Would you really want to enjoy the lush green campus your university has over rather than saving your life and along with yours saving your family? Would a parent readily ever send their child to a campus filled with hundreds and thousands of students? No. For now, let’s enjoy the present, and the luxury of living that we have got, and many people in the past few months lost.

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