Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

Technology has been evolving all over the world along with time. There was a time where people used mobile phones for calling and sending messages and now you see mobile phones are used to download various apps and games. 

Mobile application is popularly known as apps in the language of people who are very much familiar with modern technology. Mobile applications are another way of using computer software which is specially designed for mobile phones, tablets etc. 

At the very beginning apps were introduced to send emails, check dates in the calendar and store contacts for future references, you know like a phone diary. Come we all have used a phone once in our life if not everyone then those who belong to the nineties and the twenties. 

Mobile along with its applications played an important role in people’s life back then and still plays an important role in people’s life. People give that tiny little box so much importance because it has made everyone’s life way too easier.

The Evolution:

It all began when the first phone was introduced and the only feature it has was of calling and sending messages which later progressed to adding applications which could be used all over the world and in every mobile phone free of cost. 

The first application that was introduced was for storing contact databases like a phone diary  which was very helpful for people who used to forget their important numbers. Later it produced an application for storing dates which was popularly known as calendar.

Later it progressed to applications which allowed downloading different types of game applications that could be played by any age group and which kept them engaged all the time which led to the introduction of the most popular applicalled well known as GPS. GPS allows people to track the location of a particular place where they want to travel and also helps them not to get lost. 

Mobile apps or applications can be downloaded from various platforms such as apple store and google play store. Some applications are free of cost and some are not, as some have advanced features as compared to others. 

Did you know that mobile phones were once called app phones? It does sound funny because such names did exist back then. 

The Conclusion:

We all know mobile phones and its application made our life easier but it does have a negative impact too. Today’s generation has completely forgotten what is to be like without a mobile phone or without an electronic device.

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