Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

Education is the first step that every individual has to take to deal with the real, big world. Without knowledge, you lack every minute perspective and value of life.

According to Sydney J. Harris, a famous American journalist, “Education is to turn mirrors into windows.” This system that we have now in universities and schools is entirely different from what we had in the past decades. Here are some of the significant changes that led to the change in this system.


Earlier, universities may or may not charge admission fees. If a student excelled in a particular field, the pupil got an opportunity to gain admission to a prestigious university. This resulted in a better future for both the student and the university. But things have completely changed now.

Firstly, if you have money, then it is a piece of cake for you to get admission to one of the top schools or universities in no time, without any skill or knowledge. Secondly, the vast admission forms price. They would range hundreds of dollars for no reason. Thus, it is evident that admission processes are also a business nowadays.


With the introduction of coaching classes, the internet, extra-curricular activities, attendance has become a significant factor in the education system’s change. For university students, the priority of earning money is much more than attending classes.

Back then, the students valued education more. Even though work experience is required for the future, students should realize that knowledge comes first.


Teaching is a critical factor in the right education. It is always the proper teaching method that leads to a better understanding. Back then, students were given more practical knowledge. They were taught more only for them to understand.

But things have completely changed now. Universities and schools focus on mugging students their books without actually explaining to them the real use. This has, in turn, created a tense and unhappy environment for the students.

As Albert Einstein rightly quoted, “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think” it is thus essential for the teachers to understand that practical knowledge is way better than theoretical.

The Conclusion:

With all such factors, it is clear that everything in the education world has changed. Students and teachers have lost the real essence of education from admissions in schools and universities to exams and teachings. This is leading to a wrong and distraction of a student’s mind. The earlier people realize this issue; the better will be our future.

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